Snapshots from Tim's "Film Your Issue" summer

Tim Leaton

Tim films at a local school in Uganda during the Summer of 2005. Photo courtesy of Christina Leaton.

Tim films at Canaan Children's Home. Photo courtesy of Christina Leaton.

The penthouse at the Alex hotel in NYC overlooking the Chrysler
building (obtained from the Alex's web site)

Tim at the United nations in June of 2006. Photo Courtesy of USA Today.

Tim and HeathCliff Rothman, the Founder and President of the Film Your Issue Competition. Photo courtesy of USA Today.

The six winners, along with HeathCliff and Academy Award-Winning Actress Ellen Burstyn (next to Tim). Photo courtesy of USA Today.

Tim, Ellen Burstyn, HeathCliff Rothman, and Judy Woodruff. Photo courtesy of USA Today.

Tim's acceptance speech at the UN Headquarters with HeathCliff Rothman standing to the left. Photo courtesy of USA Today.

The view from Tim's hotel room in Burbank, Los Angeles. Tim's brother,
Jonny, stands by Tim's Silver Solara after they all drove it across the country.

The first building you see when entering Disney's movie studios in LA

LEFT: Tim at Disney. .RIGHT: Tim with Disney's original multiplane camera that filmed all the old animated classics.

LEFT: Driving around LA. .RIGHT: Tim at Disney.

The party in West Hollywood celebrating the contest on August 2nd of 2006

Morganne and her band perform at the party

Vice President of USA Today Ed Cassidy, owner of Desiron Frank Carfaro, Jerry Ketcham of Walt Disney Studios, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Tim Leaton, FYI Founder HeathCliff Rothman, and FYI's Kathi Sharpe-Ross

Tim Leaton

One of several posters at the party

From left, Tim's sister Christina, Disney Post Production Supervisor Jayne Armstrong (one of Tim's two
main mentors during the internship), Disney Post Production Coordinator Chris Gaiman, and Tim's Mom

Tim about to walk up for his acceptance speech in Hollywood

Tim Leaton

Founder of FYI HeathCliff Rothman, Tim Leaton, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and Senior
Executive Vice President of Production at Disney Jerry Ketcham (one of Tim's two mentors)

Tim Leaton


Tim Leaton

From left, John Irwin, Tim Leaton, and Marco Shepherd, three Virginia Tech "Hokies" who are pursuing film careers.

From left, Tim's sister Christina Leaton, cousin Eddie Slade, and Tim Leaton at dinner after the party.

Tim Leaton.
Leaton on the bottom left of page 16 of the Hollywood Reporter, August 8-14
(Same Page as Ryan Seacrest, Beyonce, Pink, Ludacris, and Nicolas Cage)

Tim Leaton . Tim Leaton. Tim Leaton. Tim Leaton.

Tim's FYI poster signed by Morganne (left) and HeathCliff (right). The various sponsors of Film Your Issue are listed at the bottom.

Tim Leaton.
One of Tim's interviews on the news

Tim Leaton. Tim Leaton. Tim Leaton. Tim Leaton.

Tim with his brother and sister on Mainstreet the night before the screening at Sundance

Tim Leaton

Tim Leaton

From left, Jonny Leaton, Christina Leaton, Kevin Bacon, and Tim Leaton at Sundance in Park City (January 21, 2007)

Tim Leaton

One of many articles Leaton was featured in

Tim Leaton


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