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January 2, 2020


Almost four years have gone by since the last update...  Where to begin?! 

We're now doing TWO seasons of AGT each year, now that we have a new spinoff during the winter months. It's called "AGT Champions," where the past winners and finalists from many of the different "Got Talents" around the world come together and compete.  It airs in January and February, and Season 2 premieres Monday, January 6th.
As if that wasn't already enough, I also fly all around the country to eight different cities each winter, for the auditions for the upcoming season of the regular "America's Got Talent" show.  We often have 3,000 - 4,000 people show up at our convention center doors in each city to audition for these open calls.  It's always fascinating to be surrounded by such massive crowds of good talent, bad talent, and weird talent. 

I'm now in my eighth year working on AGT, and who would imagine it would still be going so strong as we head into Season 15 of the show (as well as Season 2 of "AGT Champions"). 2019 saw "America's Got Talent" win FOUR NEW AWARDS! Two Kids' Choice Awards, a Teen Choice Award, and a People's Choice Award. You can click HERE to watch the clip of AGT winning the People's Choice Award on November 10th, 2019.  Funny fact: I had totally forgotten that I had prepared our submission for this award three months earlier, this past August, during all the chaos of the Live Shows at Dolby Theatre. It was such a small blip on my radar at the time, that I didn't realize I was the one who had prepared it until several hours after hearing that we had won!

Thanks also to Virginia Tech for coming to LA during this past year and hand delivering the new article about me in their magazine, illumiNation.  Click HERE for that.  Go Hokies!  

In other news, I'm also now the President & CEO of "Leaton Productions," the S-Corp that I formed almost two years ago.

For some additional random photos (by popular request), you can click HERE (MORE PHOTOS COMING SOON TO THIS LINK!)   



March 22, 2016

There's a new article out today in the Collegiate Times. Click HERE for the online version, or HERE for the paper version, which includes a picture. Special thanks to Lauren Pak for doing a great job writing the piece, and to the Collegiate Times for mailing me some paper copies.

We are working hard on Season 11 of America's Got Talent, which will premiere on May 31st, so make sure to tune in.

It's now been one year since I purchased my first property, a four-unit apartment building. So far so good!

The past year has certainly been a busy one, from buying my first property, to making all of the Season 10 AGT Episodes, to spending the entire summer in NYC working around the clock on the AGT Live Shows at Radio City Music Hall, to then flying all around the country to nine cities for the AGT Season 11 auditions. Phew, what a year!


CT Article

H A P P Y . 1 0 T H . B I R T H D A Y
. T I M L E A T O N . C O M ! ! !
Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the day that this website first went live. Scrolling to the bottom of this page will take you to the very first entry from March 28, 2005. It's amazing how time flies, but it's just as amazing how much we've all accomplished since then. Ironically, America's Got Talent is also about to celebrate its 10th anniversary when Season 10 premieres on May 26th.

In other news, last spring the judges of America's Got Talent accepted a Guinness World Record for our show being named the "World's Most Successful Reality Format." I've been so fortunate to have been with the show for three seasons so far.

Until we meet again,

P.S. Here are links to a few fun clips I shot while enjoying a little time off recently, which are best viewed at 1080p HD...

- Timelapse at The Americana
- Pasadena Botanical Gardens
- Relaxing Hawaii Montage

Film Strip

August 26, 2013
Lots of updates today! First of all, USA TODAY recently announced that America's Got Talent is now "the world's biggest-selling TV franchise." Not bad, eh?! When I first accepted this job, I never would have dreamed that I was becoming a Lead AE on the #1 one show in the world. To view the brief article, click HERE.

In other news, last week I got to attend two Live shows of America's Got Talent in Radio City Music Hall. What a blast! They sat me in what was probably the best VIP seat in the house, the first seat to the left of Howard Stern, so I got to talk to him during a couple commercial breaks. I told him that I work on the editing of the show, and he commented on how wonderful of a job all the editors do. I later told him that the judges have good chemistry this year. He said "But I'm the best judge though, right?" I said "Sure, you're the best judge." Then Heidi Klum immediately turned around and said "Wait, what?!"

To see some pictures from the second night that I attended the show, click HERE.


Film Strip

It's been an honor to be working on the #1 show of the summer, "America's Got Talent," Executive Produced by Simon Cowell. I'm the Union Night Lead Assistant Editor on this show, and we've been working around the clock to make it great.

Our hard work more than paid off last week when our Premiere was seen by 11 million viewers, and was #1 in its time slot. If you missed the June 4th Premiere, you can view it by clicking HERE. Be sure to catch all new episodes Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9PM!


Tim Leaton

Film Strip

Long time no update! So much has happened since my last update a year and a half ago. I've been getting more work in the Film and TV industry than I can even take, and I've now Assistant Edited over a dozen TV shows, a couple pilots, as well as the Warner Brothers talk show "Dr. Drew's Lifechangers." We recently completed 150 episodes all in six months, and you can watch the show weekdays at 3pm on The CW.

I also somehow managed to get my first break as a Feature Film Editor this year! I was one of the editors on the upcoming horror film, "Apartment 1303 3D," starring Mischa Barton from "The OC" and Rebecca De Mornay from "Risky Business." I finished my work on the picture last week, and it will be in theaters in 22 countries soon. This was a break that I never dreamed I would get this early on in my career, so I'm very grateful for the opportunity.

I'm now working on Kathy Griffin's new primetime talk show for seven weeks, and I'm also about to fly to the east coast for a few days for my sister's wedding at Monticello. I can hardly believe she's getting married.


NOVEMBER 2012 UPDATE: This past July I started my new job as Union Lead Assistant Editor at FremantleMedia North America, the company that produces American Idol and X Factor! I've finally gotten to a point where I'm getting steady UNION work in the industry, which has been a long road, but well worth the journey. Now I'm just busy busy! My first show at Fremantle was called "Total Blackout," and now I'm working on "America's Got Talent." It's an honor to get to work on such a great show!

Film Strip

I received some good news at work last week - I'm starting a new job! For the last year and a half, I've been assistant editing five different TV shows at the same time. However, my new job will have me assistant editing 11 shows! The shows are...

* CAT CORA (OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network)

Assistant editing reality TV is an excellent training ground, which prepares you to assistant edit bigger projects. By the way, I had a great first day at work today!

March 23, 2010

After a year-long hiatus in 2009, What's Your Issue's annual "Film Your Issue" competition is now back in action. If you're between 14 and 24 years of age, then I strongly encourage you to visit the website and enter. The deadline is April 19, 2010. The president of "FYI" had me write a blog about my experience with the contest, which has been published to the main site. Click HERE to read it.

As for me, I'm still assistant editing five TV shows at the same time. You can click HERE to view my brand new Assistant Editor Resume.

Finally, you can click HERE to check out a newspaper article about yours truly that ran on the front page of the Collegiate Times today. "Film Your Issue" also blogged about the article on their site today, available HERE.


October 4, 2009
I was greatly honored to learn that ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) recently held a contest for composers around the nation to write scores for my trailer, "Orphans in Africa," for a panel on the power of music to enhance film. My film was sent to ASCAP's national membership and posted online, soliciting composers to add different music, to change and underscore the story.

The ASCAP staff then selected the four musical scores that best exemplified how music differently impacts a film. They hosted a panel with industry professionals during the Los Angeles ASCAP Expo, to look at four versions of the film.

ASCAP is home to the greatest names in American music, past and present, from George Gershwin to Dave Matthews and Beyonce, from Duke Ellington to Stevie Wonder. To sample the four scores that were selected, CLICK HERE.


June 24, 2009
Hello everyone,

I hope you've all been doing well recently -- I certainly have. I've acquired all of my days for the editors guild, and gotten some great experience in the last few months. I'm currently assistant editing five TV shows at the same time, which is keeping me very busy! One of the shows is an NBC show created and produced by Jerry Seinfeld, called "The Marriage Ref." That should premiere in the spring of 2010. The other shows are "Supernanny," "It's Me or the Dog," "The World's Strictest Parents," and "The Real Housewives of New York City." I'm right on track, working my way up in editing before I eventually become a director.

A couple of weeks ago I came across the lost Behind the Scenes footage of Fruitopia from October of 2004, so I finished editing the last minute of it, and added it to the Behind the Scenes Videos page of this site. This footage is priceless, and you can CLICK HERE to view it. We premiered this last weekend at Jonny's High School graduation dinner in Virginia. He looks much older now!


P.S. The update on this page for November 20, 2006 is now visible by scrolling way down, or by CLICKING HERE. It never made it on this page when it was meant to, right after I won the FYI contest.

March 31, 2009

I can now say that I've worked on an Oscar-Nominated film, because of Robert Downey Jr.'s nomination for "Best Supporting Actor" in Tropic Thunder.

I'm currently working as an Assistant Editor on the hit TV show "Supernanny," which airs Fridays at 9 on ABC. I'm getting some much-needed "Avid Editing" experience and acquiring days to join the guild.

I'm considering spending at least a little time working in Editing/Post Production while becoming financially stable before I begin working above the line and eventually direct.


January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! While recently reviewing some info on the 2006 Film Your Issue contest the year I won, I remembered that Barack Obama was a judge that year. Who knew he would go on to become our next President?


December 12, 2008

Tropic Thunder has been nominated for two Golden Globes. Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise are both up for best supporting actor.


December 01, 2008

Congratulations to the winners of the Virginia Tech YouTube contest that I judged. The top three videos were announced during the Virginia Tech versus University of Virginia football game on Saturday. The full article is available HERE.


November 19, 2008

Tropic Thunder is now out on DVD. It's available on SINGLE-DISC DVD, 2-DISC DIRECTOR'S CUT DVD, and DIRECTOR'S CUT BLU-RAY. You can buy a copy at www.TropicThunder.com.

I just finished a temporary job working for an executive at one of the major studios for a couple weeks -- the Senior Vice President of Production and Development.
Now I'm off to Virginia for a week for a wedding and Thanksgiving.


November 1, 2008

You can listen to a live radio interview with yours truly by clicking HERE. The interview was conducted by Chris Graham and the New Dominion Magazine.


October 11, 2008

Feel free to browse through some of the 12 new links on the Media Page.

The new links are numbered 39-50.

My picture is also on the cover of one of Virginia Tech's current magazines -- click HERE for that.

Wishing everyone the best,
~Tim Leaton

September 29, 2008

Virginia Tech made an announcement today that they are resurrecting the VT YouTube contest that was originally postponed during the events of 4/16/07.

It's been announced that I'll be a judge, although University Relations is still assembling the full panel of judges. For more information, you can check out the article HERE.


August 13, 2008

Hello everyone -- It's been a great year. I just finished my first job in Los Angeles working in the editing department on Tropic Thunder, which hits theaters everywhere today. I learned so much and met some amazing people along the way. I'm thankful for having landed such a neat first job right out of college.

Some memories that will stay with me were seeing one of my bosses win an Academy Award for a project he had recently completed, meeting the legendary Mel Brooks and hearing his reaction to Tropic Thunder, hearing Steven Spielberg's reactions to the film after he viewed it in his private theater at DreamWorks, and also seeing how the various stars reacted to the film. Tom Cruise sat silently in the back of the theater with his wife and mother, not really knowing what to think of the Les Grossman character he had created. Every time Robert Downey Jr. called me, he greeted me by shouting, "This is Robert Downey Jr, Film Actor!" All in good humor, of course. I'll also remember sitting in the all-marble waiting room of the MPAA, in one of its several secret locations, (where all Hollywood motion pictures are rated) with about six security cameras pointed at me and several guards standing next to me while Tropic Thunder was being viewed and rated in the back room. I didn't dare move a muscle. I also got to hear a few moments of our scoring on the movie studio that belonged to the first genius of the cinema, Charlie Chaplin, one of my favorite directors. During one afternoon in March, I was driving to the DreamWorks warehouse, and sitting next to me in my car was fake bloody guts and a director's fake decapitated head -- just a typical day in the life of Tim Leaton. I couldn't have asked for a better experience on this project. Ben Stiller was a true gentleman, as were all of my amazing coworkers. Ben was even kind enough to provide me with a great letter of recommendation, and expressed interest in working together again.

My intense schedule on Tropic Thunder kept me working 17 hours a day, six days a week, all year, and even gave me my first grey hair. I didn't have any vacation time this year, so during the past couple weeks I was finally able to return to the east coast and visit my family and Virginia Tech for the first time in a year. That was a long-overdue trip, to say the least. I visited the new memorial on the VT drillfield, with one Hokie Stone dedicated to each of the 32 students and professors we lost at Tech. It's important to put things in perspective and remember that there will always be more important things than work, like the memory of those we lost last year. I'm proud to have been a part of a school like Virginia Tech that stood so strong during a time of tragedy.

Now close out this site and go see Tropic Thunder. But don't take it too seriously though, just be prepared to have a laugh.

Tim Leaton

FEBRUARY 28, 2008

Sorry there haven't been any updates during the past year. I've been here in Los Angeles working long hours for Ben Stiller for the past five months. I'm the Post-Production Assistant on the film Tropic Thunder, starring, directed, produced, and written by Ben Stiller. The film will be in theaters this summer.

By the way, one of my bosses here at work, Michael Fink, won the Academy Award in the Visual Effects category Sunday night for The Golden Compass. Congrats Mike!

Before I sign off, I want to encourage everyone to enter this year's Film Your Issue contest. Please visit the site, www.FilmYourIssue.com, and spread the word to others who are age 14 to 24.


APRIL 19, 2007

Thanks for all of the emails and phone calls, everyone. These events have been deeply saddening, but I'm physically ok. I was safely locked in a classroom for most of the day Monday during the shootings here at Virginia Tech. My deepest sympathies go out to the families and friends of all the victims.

I recorded some video footage at Tuesday night's Candlelight Vigil and cut it into a 90-second clip in the middle of the night in honor of the victims. You can view that by clicking to HERE. Many were unable to view this clip on Wednesday while it had too many hits to handle since the VT site and other sites linked to it, but it should be working today.

Thanks, once again, for everyone's support. It is truly appreciated. "This is a tragedy in American history. So for today, forget any and all of your college affiliations. For today, we are all Hokies."
CNN, 4-16-07.

MARCH 21, 2007

I'll be judging three different film contests this year. One is VT's new YouTube contest called Let's Go Tubing (temporarily postponed due to the VT Tragedy). Anyone with a VT email account can enter that, you don't even have to be a current student. Another is the 2007 Film Your Issue contest (entries due May 15th), and the third is this year's Progeny Motion Picture Festival (entries due April 4th).

Also, the Media page has been updated with the following new links, including an article by Tamara Gaskin that ran in the Roanoke Times while I was in Park City, and a live radio interview I did recently on FOX NEWS that aired in Virginia and surrounding states.


FEBRUARY 8, 2007

The private Film Your Issue screening in Park City was awesome! My whole family went out there with me, and it was great to see some familiar FYI faces again. Kevin Bacon and Mandy Moore also came to the screening, and you can click HERE for a picture. I also had a great time going skiing with my brother and dad at Deer Valley.

You can click HERE to read another article that came out today.


JANUARY 16, 2007

Quick update today...

First of all, I get to return to Film Your Issue in 2007 as a member of the jury along with all the winners!

Also, on Thursday I'll be flown out to Park City, Utah, for the Film Your Issue event at Sundance. My film will be shown at the private screening on Sunday, and some of the guests will include Kevin Bacon and Mandy Moore, who will both be joining Film Your Issue as members of the Jury for the 2007 competition. The event will be covered by cameras and then broadcast on the pay-cable channel STARZ in July to launch the 2007 competition.

I'll post more details and pictures after I get back!


P.S. Check the date at the bottom left of the Media page on this site frequently to see when articles and links were last added. That page will be updated again very shortly with a few more articles.

NOVEMBER 20, 2006

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Dear Friends,

Most of you heard about the nation-wide contest I entered during the summer, "Film Your Issue," judged by celebrities such as George Clooney, Barack Obama, and the Dalai Lama. You've also probably heard by now that my entry somehow managed to be named one of the five winners, and was also awarded as the First Place Grand Prize winner!

Anyway, I'm writing to thank all of you for your votes and incredible support. I know that many of you worked hard to get others to vote as well. So I just wanted everyone to know
how much I appreciate that. I also thought I should share a little bit about my summer, in case you're interested in hearing about it. Click HERE to see me in a magazine on the same page as celebrities, interviewed on TV, and in newspaper articles. Click HERE to read a full report giving all the details about my "Film Yours Issue" summer in Hollywood. And finally, click HERE for some pictures from the contest.

Thanks again for the votes, everyone!

P.S. If you forwarded my original email to others, feel free to forward this one as well, if you think they would like to hear the results of the contest!

AUGUST 29, 2006

Pretty soon I'm going to post a long report summarizing the details from my summer, but here are a couple links you can check out for now.

Click here to see page 16 of last week's "Hollywood Reporter" magazine. There's a picture of me on the bottom left, on the same page as various celebrities. I was also interviewed on two different news stations in LA, and I've tracked down one of those videos so far. Click here for that. More updates to come!...


JULY 15, 2006
Things have been busy here in Hollywood, so for now I'll post a brief update, courtesy of College Communications Manager for Virginia Tech, Jean Elliott. You can read her article here. Also, another article that ran today in the Richmond Times Dispatch gives additional details on my story. You can read Rex Bowman's article online here, though the picture from the U.N. only ran in the paper copy. At some point in the future, I'm hoping to track down a paper copy of some of the articles that have run so far, and hopefully I'll scan them for my site, if I get a chance. There will also be one final reception for the contest in West Hollywood where I will meet the Mayor of LA soon.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone reading this for all the support and help along the way.


P.S. I'm typing up a long report/journal that summarizes some of the main details from the past several weeks. That will also be posted here shortly.

JUNE 14, 2006
GREAT NEWS! I won everything, the grand prize and all. But I'm sure that most of you have already heard about it by now from FilmYourIssue.com or from the newspapers. Check back for a longer update soon with LOTS of details! THANKS FOR THE VOTES!!!


MAY 26, 2006

Dear Friends,

I entered a nation-wide contest called “Film Your Issue” (www.filmyourissue.com) for 18-26 year olds to make a one-minute film on a social or political issue they care about, mine being “Orphans in Africa.” The contest has been (and will most likely continue to be) featured in newspapers such as USA Today, and is being judged by a panel of VIP judges including George Clooney, the Dalai Lama, Walter Cronkite, Brian Williams and other famous people. The full list of judges is on the contest's site.

Anyway, I just found out that I somehow managed to get selected as one of the 35 semi-finalists out of many hundreds. As a semi-finalist, my film is now in the hands of the VIP judge panel and also the public vote. My one-minute film is on MSNBC's web site for public voting, and the winning tally will be a 50-50 combination of public and VIP Jury votes. Of the 35 semi-finalists, the five top-voted films will be awarded. Those five students will all present their films at three prestigious venues, one being the Sundance Film Festival.

Please view my one-minute film at the following link (since it unfortunately doesn't look good the way the webmaster put it on the MSNBC site):
** https://timleaton.com/orphansinafrica.htm **

And then I would greatly appreciate your vote (by clicking the round radial button next to the icon for my film, then clicking “vote”) at this site
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12721177 **
Scroll about half way down the page and mine will stand out as the greenish thumbnail image labeled “Orphans in Africa,” by Tim Leaton. I'm not completely sure yet, but you might be able to vote once a day… PLEASE NOTE that the opinions and attitudes expressed in the films of the other students competing against me are not necessarily representative of my or Virginia Tech's opinions in any way.

The public voting is until APPROXIMATELY June 7th (I think). Needless to say, I'm hoping to notify as many people as I can to help me out by voting. I would also greatly appreciate you forwarding this to as many people as you feel comfortable sending it to. I would imagine that people might enjoy supporting a fellow Virginian and/or Virginia Tech Hokie, and it could potentially be good publicity for Virginia, especially if I do become one of the five.

I thank you for your kind support!

Tim Leaton

MAY 22, 2006
Hey guys -- I am so glad that you are reading this, because there is a tiny little chance that I will really need all of your help around May 24th or 25th (just a couple days from now) to vote for me for a certain something that I won't say too much about yet. Again, I'm really not counting on it since I'm competing against all 18-26 year olds in the country, so there's really just a microscopic chance. But if I do need your help, then I'll give ALL the details right on the 24th. Thanks for your support! :)


APRIL 28, 2006

The two most recent presentations of "Uganda" in the research conference and film festival both went very well last week. (And I also won another award on Saturday, shown on the right). Check back for more updates soon.


MARCH 28, 2006
Random fact of the day: Today this web site is exactly one year old, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TimLeaton.com!

Lots of updates today -- First of all, you can check out the new Virginia Tech Brochure right here that I'm featured in. It's sort of funny...

In other news, I just got back from looking at film schools, internships, etc. in Los Angeles! Besides looking at film schools, I also got to go to the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno (and saw myself on TV), and also got to see the hand prints of my famous Great Great Aunt at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. She was a famous movie star back in the 30's and 40's, was nominated for five Academy Awards, and was even nicknamed "The First Lady of Hollywood!" Her name was Irene Dunne, and you can see
some old pictures of her here. So anyway, there's a chance I'll be returning to LA eventually for either an internship and/or for film school.

Lastly, I recently found out that my newest film, "UGANDA," will be presented in an academic research conference, and I got to have lunch with the president of Virginia Tech (President Steger) the other day because of that.


JANUARY 30, 2006

Hello Everyone,

The film I shot in Africa this summer, called "UGANDA," is now online. (You can read more about my trip here.) There is a short version (20 minutes) and a full version (27 minutes), so set aside a time when you can watch either! The long one was meant more for the donors, and the short one more for everyone else. This film is a little different than anything else I've ever done...it's more of a documentary style, so it was a bit of an experiment for me. So without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, UGANDA.

~Until we meet again, Tim

P.S. There is a small mistake in the subtitles during one of the interviews near the end of the film. The first person to identify the mistake correctly was Eddy Kong. Congratulations to Eddy! The mistake was during Florence Mutesi's interview, and the incorrectly subtitled word said "PHONED" when it should have said "FOUND."

OCTOBER 2, 2005
NOTICE: For some reason, the server that I am paying to have my web site hosted on has recently been running much slower than usual. Although certain videos (that are on my Virginia Tech server) still play fine, others require very long loading times. I'm doing my best to try to find out what's going on, and I have written to the company. Hopefully I'll get things straightened out soon.


AUGUST 28, 2005
You now have the option of viewing seven of my movies (including Fruitopia) at a higher resolution! They look much better, so check some of them out! (I'm not sure, but they might only work on a cable modem and not DSL...) Also, the "Extras" section of my site has a few new pages, including a scrapbook with a few snapshots from Africa that my sister took while I was busy filming, and even an online shop -- sort of a joke, but you can really buy things! Enjoy!


P.S. My movie from Uganda, Africa is almost ready! It should be online soon!

JUNE 23 , 2005
Finally some updates! I just finished (for now) the new section of this site, "Extras." Feel free to explore it sometime! I've also split the films page into two smaller ones, and condensed my resume. And by the way, the home page has a new flash intro containing a sound bite from the film festival. Sooooo, I leave for Africa in two days!


APRIL 26, 2005
The Progeny Festival of Motion Pictures at the Lyric Movie Theater went well the other day (April 16th). We all had a great time, and "Fruitopia" somehow managed to win the "Best in Festival" award! There were 46 film submissions, so we really weren't expecting an award at all, not to mention first place (especially since there were several other films that could have won). Event Coordinator John Irwin, the rest of the festival board, and the judges (Steve Kark, Gabrielle Amos Minnich, Dr. Stephen Prince, Mike Gallagher, and Simone Paterson) deserve a huge thank you for all of the hard work they put in to make the festival happen.

Thanks for reading!


APRIL 24 , 2005
This new web site finally had its 1,000th visitor. Congratulations to Jacob Bock!

Also, check out the new "Intro" (make sure your sound is on) on the home page. It's optional, so it won't play unless you click the link for it. I made it with the intent of using it as the title screen of the Fruitopia DVD, but I thought I'd include it on my site too. Quicktime and a fast connection are required.


APRIL 15, 2005
I thought I'd give you a heads up on my current projects so you'll know what to expect within the next five or six months on this site...

1) CLAHS RECRUITMENT VIDEO (For VT): As you might have read in the "about me" section, I'm doing a short video for the home page of one of Tech's eight colleges, The College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences (CLAHS). The college contains about 5,000 current students, not including alumni. I'll be incorporating scenes from both in and out of the classroom, and the purpose of the video is to just be entertaining and really excite prospective students to come to Tech. This is probably my biggest project in a while, so look out for it at least by the end of the summer. You can read all about the plans for this video here.
2) SECOND UGANDA FILM: Yeap, I'm doing another one this year! I'll be going to Uganda, Africa with my sister and dad near the end of June to film it! :)
3) SECOND MAKEOVER SHOW: I'm worried that all of these sequels won't be as good as the originals! Well, I'm doing this again for Recreational Sports here at Tech, and it should be done by the end of the summer.

That's pretty much it for my major projects right now, but there are also a couple smaller ones...
4) VIVA FOREVER: This is the candle light video we made last year for my other, sillier, web site. I call it the "Lost Video," because it kinda disappeared right after it came out... We need to re-shoot the girls' singing scenes, but hopefully that will get done before we all die...You can view the trailer, and the Behind the Scenes for this video is hilarious!
5) BEHIND THE SCENES OF FRUITOPIA: I have about two thirds of this finished, but I haven't decided yet if I'll be finishing it, or if I'll ever have time...

Well, now you know what to look for here, and I'm sure you are just bouncing in your seat with anxiety right now! Until we meet again,


APRIL 14 , 2005
I wasn't happy with the original "FILMS" page on this site, so I re-did it tonight. Click here to see the new version of it.


APRIL 13 , 2005
I'll post a longer update later, but for now I added a new section to my site, "ABOUT ME." Let me know if you have anymore ideas for this site. Thanks!


APRIL 4 , 2005

Hey! I just found out that Fruitopia will be in another film festival the weekend after next, "The Progeny Festival of Motion Pictures," on April 16th! I'll let you know how it goes later, but in the mean time, "Fruitopia" will be showing in the international festival this Thursday and Saturday. And by the way, thanks to those of you that have already given me feedback on my new site.


MARCH 29, 2005

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The new video, "Fruitopia," will be shown twice in an international film festival on April 7th and 9th! Fruitopia will be the first film to play in its program both days (8:45pm on April 7th and 3:00pm on April 9th). It's one of only a few student films to make it into the festival, and the only student film from Virginia Tech. Tickets went on sale today, so buy them before they sell out! You must arrive at least 15 minutes in advance to get in. The complete list of films, the festival schedule, and all other details can be found at the New River Film Society web site (see above link). Stay posted for more updates!


MARCH 28, 2005
Welcome to my new web site! Take a look around, watch a few videos, and check back every now and then for updates.

are welcome and encouraged!



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