Putting Together the Pieces of the Human Experience…
(CURRENT STATUS: Production/Post Production)

The motivation behind the video will be to capture the essence of why Virginia Tech is such a great place, and should be helpful in student recruitment. It should be a fun video to watch. Instead of the entire video consisting of dull interviews, the video will be a 3-5 minute, exciting visual montage set to music with just a few interviews incorporated in a creative way. When students click on the link for the video, it should make them want to be a part of Virginia Tech. Since the choice of music should not be copyrighted, copyright-free music is currently being looked into.

The beginning and ending will be tied together with a charismatic tour guide in front of Burruss Hall. The remainder of the video will be a “tour” or a slice of life at Virginia Tech.

What kinds of content will the video include? The video will be an incorporation of both the overall Virginia Tech experience with CLAHS, and will showcase high points of Virginia Tech life, both in and out of the classroom

(ex: Going inside a classroom, professors teaching, laser light show at ring premiere last semester, hokie celebration when arriving at Tech after beating Miami last semester, other football scenes, basketball, and other sports, the hokie bird, eating in beautiful new dining halls, students playing volleyball outside, beautiful campus landscaping and spring flowers, shooting pool in squires, nice restaurants on main street, etc…).

The video will also include just a few brief interviews to further explain why students should come to Virginia Tech. The questions will be short and simple, and will possibly be emailed to interviewees ahead of time to allow them time to gather their thoughts. Interview questions will hopefully lead interviewees to statements that bring out the best in Tech. Possible interview questions will include “Why did you come to Virginia Tech?” or “What’s the best thing about your major?” Not all questions have to be serious (ex: “What is a Hokie?”). Interviewees will be carefully selected to accurately represent the college and Virginia Tech from the following tentative list – Lucinda Roy, Alumni Distinguished Professor and Head of English Department; Jacqueline Bixler, Alumni Distinguished Professor in Foreign Language Department; Marcus Vick (pre-recorded interview – he is part of CLAHS); Dean Jerry Niles; Dean Mary Ann Lewis, and several CLAHS student ambassadors.

It is important that each department in the college gets included in the video, but since it would not be feasible to go into each of the 21 departments in depth in such a short video, they will be grouped into clusters: Arts, Education, Human Sciences, Social Sciences, ROTC, and Humanities. These clusters and their departments will be presented through some sort of list or visual display possibly incorporating pictures or video.

Additional footage will be provided by the Sports Media Center, and possibly from Visual and Broadcast Communications (footage of students studying abroad). An image of the college’s logo (puzzle pieces) may be used towards the end, and a sleek Virginia Tech graphic may also be obtained through Visual and Broadcast Communications or a fellow filmmaker student.

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